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Frenquently Asked Questions 


Q: How do I book a service?

A: All services are booked via my Website 

under the "Book Services" Page.


Q: Can I book multiple services for 1 appointment?

A: Yes, but all services must be booked separately. There is no "add to cart" option.


Q: Can I add services the day of my appointment? (ex: shampoo)

A: It is recommended that you book all desired services prior to your appointment, in order to reserve and secure the time needed for each service.


Q: I don't see the service that I want, what should I do?

A: 1. Change the "service category" 1st, that particular service may be listed elsewhere.

   2. Contact me if the service is not listed in either category.


Q: Can I bring company to my appointment?

A: Unfortunately not, there is very limited space in my personal suite.

& Due to the COVID-19 conditions the waiting area is RESTRICTED.


Q: What is the Late policy?

A: Each client has a 15 minute grace period. A $20 late fee will be applied to your remaining balance after your grace period is up.

After 30 mins, the appointment will be canceled.


Q: What is the Cancellation policy?

A: In the event that the client cancels, they have forfeited their deposit.

In the event that the stylist cancels, the deposit will be refunded.


Q: What is the Reschedule policy?

A: Reschedules will be allowed up to 48 hrs until the scheduled appointment.

(Your deposit will only hold valid for 2 weeks from originally dated appointment.)


Q: How should I prepare for my appointment?

A: Generally: Clean hair, Detangled and Free of Oils/Oily Products.

(Each service has prep details listed in description)


Q: Where should I park?

A: 1. Any parking spot directly in front of the Salon, or the back row of Parking.

Please do not park in front of other businesses.


Q: What hair do you recommend?

A: Please contact me for my list of hair recommendations.


Q: Does my deposit go towards my service ?

A: Yes, Absolutely. & the remaining balance can be paid in cash, card or Paypal at the conclusion of the service.


Q: What can I do if there is an issue with my hair, following my appointment ?

A: You have 48hrs following your appointment to complain or object about any issues you may be experiencing.

Contact me personally and we will come to a conclusion.


Q: How can I take advantage of Specials & Discounts?

A: Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE to the website, FOLLOW @GenaeTheSlay on Social Media!


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Text is the best way to contact me.

(delays in responses are expected on weekends and off days)


Q: What are your Consultations for?

A: My Consultations are Optional for those who have multiple questions/ inquiries, and needs service booking guidance.

& the Consults are MANDATORY for all New Color Clients!

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