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Frenquently Asked Questions 


Q: How do I book an appointment?

A: As a new client, you are required to book a "New Client Consultation".

During the consultation, we will discuss your desires & expectations as a client, as well as the salon's rules, regulations & membership process.


Q: Can I book multiple services for 1 appointment?

A: Yes, with our new "add to cart" feature, 

you can book multiple services.

*Each service will have its own deposit.


Q: Can I add services the day of my appointment? (ex: shampoo or trim)

A: It is recommended that you book all desired services prior to your appointment, in order to reserve and secure the time needed for each service.


Q: I don't see the service that I want, what should I do?

A: 1. Change the "service category" 1st, that particular service may be listed elsewhere.

   2. Contact me via text if the service is not listed in either category.


Q: Can I bring company to my appointment?

A: Unfortunately not, there is very limited space in my personal suite.

& Due to the COVID-19 conditions the waiting area is RESTRICTED.


Q: What is the Late policy?

A: Each client has a 15 minute grace period. A $20 late fee will be applied to your remaining balance after your grace period.

After 30 mins, the appointment will be canceled.


Q: What is the Cancellation policy?

A: In the event that the client cancels, they have forfeited their deposit.

In the event that the stylist cancels, the deposit will be refunded.


Q: What is the Reschedule policy?

A: Reschedules will be allowed up to 48 hrs until the scheduled appointment.

(Your deposit will only hold valid for 2 weeks from originally dated appointment.)


Q: How should I prepare for my appointment?

A: Generally: Clean hair, Detangled and Free of Oils/Oily Products.

(Each service has prep details listed in description)


Q: Where should I park?

A: 1. Any parking spot directly in front of the Salon, or in the back row of Salon.

2. Please text or call upon arrival.

The front entrance remains locked at all times.

*Please do not park in front of other businesses.


Q: What hair do you recommend?

A: Please contact me for my list of hair recommendations.


Q: Does my deposit go towards my service ?

A: Yes, Absolutely.

& the remaining balance can be paid in Cash, Card, Apple Pay, Venmo, or Paypal

at the conclusion of the service.


Q: What can I do if there is an issue with my hair, following my appointment ?

A: You have 48hrs following your appointment to complain or object about any issues you may be experiencing.

Contact me personally and we will come to a conclusion.


Q: How can I take advantage of Specials & Discounts?

A: Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE to the website, FOLLOW @GenaeTheSlay on Social Media!


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Text is the best way to contact me.

(delays in responses are expected on weekends and off days)


Q: What are the Consultations for?

A: The Consultations are MANDATORY for all new clients and for color appointments!

The consultations are also optional for those who have multiple questions/ inquiries, and/or needing booking guidance.


Q: Do I have to be a member for 1 on 1 trainings?

A: No.

1 on 1 trainings are available to anyone who is interested in learning any of the provided subjects.


Q: When is your next group class?

A: Please check the class schedule via the "Classes" page via my website.


Q: Do you offer online courses?

A: Online courses will soon be available via my website.


Q: Where is the new salon location?

A: 870 Hebron Parkway,

Suite 103.

Lewisville, TX 75057

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